Effluent / Waste Water Treatment

Mailhem Ikos has advanced treatment plans of effluent and waste water. Our methods of effluent treatment are highly effective. Various options with large combination and standalone systems are offered by us for treating and reusing the effluents aiming at Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).


Mailhem Ikos aerators are designed to utilize utmost kinetic energy. Our floating aerators are capable of treating effluent with high velocity as per specified applications and needs.

We offer the following type of aerators:

  • Floating aerators
  • Fixed aerators
  • Diffused aerators
  • Spray aerators

Bar screen & Grit removal mechanism

Screening and Grit building process involves removal of extraneous materials from the waste water. The bar screens are made of diverse materials with easy handling and fixing arrangements.

We offer the following types of bar screen for different applications:

  • Bar screens (Manual & Automatic)
  • Grit removal mechanism /Screens (Manual & Automatic)
  • Coarse screens

Clarifiers / Clari-Flocculators

We provide all types of clarifiers with range of capacities. These clarifiers are used to treat the turbidity, suspended solids, silica and heavy metals. Mailhem Ikos has expertise in providing the apt solution for the pre-treatment based on the parameters as well as requirements of our clients. Currently we offer:

  • High Rate Solid Contact Clarifiers
  • Horizontal flow circular Clarifiers
  • Clari-Flocculator

Dissolved Air Flotation Units (DAF)

DAF is a multi-diversified technology for solid – liquid separation extensively used in paper, dairy, food and beverages plants for reconvening the insoluble materials and plant reuse. Mailhem Ikos offer wide range of DAF units equipped to cater to the industrial needs like removing the oil and grease as well as suspended solids.

Oil skimmers / Oil separators (Manual & Automatic )

An economical way of eradicating oil from effluent, our design features include tube, belt and drum arrangements for definite applications such as removal of Floating oil, Vegetable oil and Grease amongst others.

Plate / Tube / Lamella Separator

Mailhem Ikos offers a wide range of Plate/ Tube/ Lamella separators to treat small and large sewage and effluents. It is a convenient method for treating waste water with high surface loading rate and significantly reduces the footprints.


Thickeners are required in post clarification and in secondary treatment of effluent recycling systems for sludge treatment. Mailhem Ikos has all range of types of thickeners catering to specific requirements.