Our Expertise

We are a leading technology provider offering a unique integrated Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) treatment with a combination of Biomethanation (Wet/Green garbage), Refuse Derived Fuel (Combustible Waste), Compost (Mixed Organic Waste), and Scientific Landfill (Inerts).

We have developed a unique solution to manage solid and industrial waste leveraging the Biomethanation technique with Modified Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (M-UASB). This solution helps in treating the organic part of municipal solid waste through the technique of biomethanation. The renewable energy device fits within minimum available space and the absence of foul smell makes it ideal to deploy in an urban scenario. The solution has multiple benefits such as waste treatment at source, energy recovery through biogas, and generation of organic manure.

With consistent R&D efforts over the years, we have patented a process to enable the transformation of existing dumpsites into Bioreactor and Scientific landfills. Thanks to our solution, Indian cities can treat solid and industrial waste effectively, converting landfills into biogas production fields to generate electricity and hence allow substantial land recovery.