Leachate Treatment

Leachate, which originate from waste juices or rainfalls on waste, are highly polluted and must be treated and purified before being released again in the natural environment.
In the case of landfill bioreactor cells, the construction of cell is such that there is no percolation of leachate into ground water and leachate are included in the processing facility itself since being pumped back in the cell in order to improve the methanation process.
Or else they are collected and stored in tanks, before passing through several processing steps: a denitrification and nitrification biological treatment allows to reduce the organic load by 70% and to capture the ammonia. Then ultrafiltration clarifies the liquid by separating the mud from the waters through organic membranes. The waters pass then through activated charcoal that retains ultimate particles. Last, stored in tanks, treated waters are then tested and released pure, back in the natural environment.