Biogas Plant

biogas plant
Our renewable energy device facilitates conversion of waste into a renewable resource for generating power that can be used for day-to-day consumption. The process of converting waste to renewable energy is facilitated through the technique of anaerobic digestion, carried out in specialized biogas plants created for this purpose. We have set up indigenous biogas plants to treat all kinds of solid and industrial waste and convert this to biogas that can be directly used as fuel. We have challenged the fact that anaerobic digestion works most efficiently only with single substrate, and are the first waste management company to propagate the theory of co-digestion with different substrates to maximize the production of biogas.

Portable biogas plants

Portable biogas plants designed and developed by Mailhem Ikos Environment are capable of handling large quantities of solid waste and converting it to biogas for use as fuel. Depending on the quantity generated in our plants, biogas can either be used as fuel directly in lieu of LPG or can be used to generate electricity using biogas generator sets. Our portable biogas plants (renewable energy device) are the ideal solution for gated communities, large housing societies, SEZs, industrial parks, IT parks etc.

Benefits of our portable biogas plants

  • Advanced factory assembly
  • Ease of installation
  • Immediate operability
  • Compact, easy to relocate
  • No civil construction required
  • Hygienic disposal of organic waste
  • Saving in power consumption
  • No transportation costs