The Alliance

Mailhem Ikos Environment is a strategic alliance between leading Indian waste management company Mailhem Engineers and French waste management firm Lhotellier Ikos. Both entities are family-owned businesses and provide innovative, sustainable, and comprehensive solutions in the field of solid waste and waste water management.

About Lhotellier Ikos

Lhotellier Ikos is a French group of companies specializing in Public Works, Civil Works, Materials, and Water & Waste Management. Founded in 1919 as a family-owned business, the Lhotellier Ikos group is currently run by the fourth generation of the family. With a clientele including municipalities and industries, the Lhotellier Ikos group has always upheld a real and strong attachment to the land by constantly adapting, reinvesting, and innovating to offer the best in terms of local services. Through constant and structured R&D efforts, Lhotellier Ikos has been at the forefront of developing new processes and techniques to build and operate green technologies, thereby ensuring a sustainable development of the environment.

About Mailhem Engineers

Mailhem Engineers develops innovative waste management solutions tailor-made to deliver efficiency and performance and help create ‘Green energy for the future’. Mailhem uses tested industrial tools and processes that ensure sustainability of environmental green initiatives. A strong team of waste management experts research and develop state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to generate renewable energy in the form of Biogas, Steam, Electricity, Bio-CNG and Organic Manure. Since inception, the organization has been working to create a cleaner environment by mitigating greenhouse gases.

This vision is creating a greener planet that brought together these two giants in waste management. The combined entity Mailhem Ikos Environment upholds the common vision of both organizations – ‘to be recognized as India’s leading Waste Management Company. This vision is ably supported by certain core objectives:

  • Provide services that meet customers’ expectations, setting out clear plans on what needs to be achieved by 2020
  • Perform at par with the best Waste Management companies in the world with specific focus on the quality of customer service, environmental track record, and financial performance
  • Lead the Waste Management industry on important issues such as managing water and waste resources, an area where Mailhem Ikos Environment comes with a ground breaking new approach