Mr. Anand Chordia-Solid Waste Management in India
  • 01 February 2019

  • A picture of Mr. Anand Chordia at Suhana Spices - Yavat, Pune (In the background – Portable Biogas Plant in Yavat, Pune installed by Mailhem Ikos at Suhana Spices)


Suhana Spices is an Indian food-product company that has a variety of products like spices and ready-to-use products as well. The company was a result of a small venture that was begun in 1962 by the Chordia Family, which now has products that are exported to 21 countries, across 5 continents!


With the increasing business spectrum, Mr. Anand Chordia, the Director of Suhana Spices, realized that since the business had grown to cater to a massive clientele, the manufacturing process was leading to waste generation amounting to several tonnes, every day!


To work around this burning issue, Mr. Anand started implementing and conducting waste audits, waste mapping and identification of the type and amount of both—organic or inorganic waste generated from all the units of our company. After guidance and consultation with sectoral experts, the company came up with a treatment plan to reuse, recycle and up-cycle each type of waste.


As one of the steps, a biogas plant was installed in Yavat, Pune at Suhana Spices. This portable biogas plant was made by Mailhem Ikos in 2016. After the realization of the importance of waste management, Mr. Anand also recently incepted India’s first Waste Management Park in Pune


The move sowed the seeds of “eco-consciousness” and thus, led to the establishment of The Eco-Factory Foundation (TEFF), a non-profit that works towards sustainable living of rural and urban India.


We, Mailhem Ikos, are proud to be associated with Suhana Spices brand. With the belief of strongly giving-back to the society, Mailhem Ikos has always been a forerunner in CSR Activities related to waste management. For more information on how to manage medium to large amounts of wastes, contact Mailhem Ikos Environment Pvt. Ltd.


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