Portable Biogas Plants

Biomethanation Plants

Mailhem Ikos undertakes effective projects only after analyzing the specific needs of the clients. Mailhem Ikos customizes the capacity, the design and the material make completely based on client’s site and locationsurvey, weather, budget, etc. Mailhem Ikos team accompanies the client at every step of the project, starting from a concept and planning to construction, and to the start-up of the biogas plant till its stabilization phase.

Our renewable energy device facilitates the conversion of waste into a renewable resource for generating power that can be used for day-to-day consumption. The process of converting waste to renewable energy is facilitated through the technique of anaerobic digestion, carried out in specialized biomethanation plants created for this purpose. We have set up indigenous biogas plants to treat all kinds of solid and industrial biodegradable waste and convert this to biogas that can be directly used as fuel. We have challenged the fact that anaerobic digestion works most efficiently only with a single substrate, and are the first waste management company to propagate the theory of co-digestion with different substrates to maximize the production of biogas.